Aug 212009

It’s not very long since the last post. I had risen extraordinarily early, spent hours writing my post and hearing the Leningrad Cowboys. All the while the sky grew lighter.

I changed back to the Sigma 28/1.8 to capture the sky gradient. It’s not a particularly good composition or such, it’s just a sky at the time when clear skies are most beautiful.

Later, when I went to work, I used the Nikon 70-300 again. This bicycle is a good old fried, the last time we had it, was in “831 – Just One Of Those Things“, and that was already the second time, but a good actor can be employed more than once 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Blues Before Sunrise” from the 1997 John Lee Hooker album “Don’t Look Back”. Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “1043 – Blues Before Sunrise”

  1. Can't get enough of the straight things, beeing it John Lee Hooker's Blues or a prototypical city silhouette and sky like this. Great!

  2. Thanks! Greatly appreciated 🙂

  3. That silhouette really looks great, with the three circular objects and the stair formed building. And the colours, who doesn't love a perfect sunset?

  4. can one have two??
    (love@first sight 🙂

  5. Those three circular objects are trees on a roof terrace. They are the same trees as in "951 – When The Sun Comes Out II" and "959 – The Sun", the two images that make the centerfold of my SoFoBoMo book "Urban Dreams II". Somehow they contribute greatly to the silhouette 🙂

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