1034 – That Look You Give That Guy

Let’s do one more and then we’re done for today, OK?

I left for work early, but I didn’t take too many images. To be honest, I still felt a certain dizziness from the evening before 🙂

This was the last image that I took in the morning, and I was so sure to have my Image of the Day, that I didn’t bother much looking in the afternoon. In fact it was the last image that I took today.

I have already used that bike one or two times, and when I saw it today, and when I thought about what it was, that caught my attention, then it became clear that it was the saddle with its springs. Looking for a fresh view, I decided to go near and photograph it straight into the eye.

The Song of the Day is “That Look You Give That Guy” from the 2009 Eels album “Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire”. Damn fine music. Christian and I heard it yesterday, you hear it today on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “1034 – That Look You Give That Guy”

  1. I like these vintage saddles, they just loves being photographed with a short DOF. It seems like, though, that the saddle gave you his evil eye.

  2. Amazing the way you keep finding new personalities for you beloved bicycles. This is destined to be one of my all time favourites.

  3. Hmm, in hindsight it has something Napoleonic. I should have called the image "Napoleon In Rags" 🙂

    Yeah, the bike book. Yeah, the books 🙂 I suppose being overworked does not count as an excuse, am I right 😕

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