1032 – Standing In The Doorway

Yesterday, when I arrived in Vienna, it was all but raining. I had made some poor images in Carinthia, but nothing that I wanted to present to you.

The advantage was, that I had four hours on the train to figure out how to install Linux on my laptop, inside of a VirtualBox virtual machine. Turned out there was not much to figure out. You just install VirtualBox (I did it on my Vista laptop), define a virtual machine with access to your local DVD drive, put an operating system install DVD in your drive (I used Fedora 11), boot the machine and install. It works out of the box, and you can mix and match hosts and guests however you like.

After you’re done with the installation, you can export the virtual machine to run it on any other computer that has VirtualBox installed. It’s already running on my desktop in Vienna 🙂

In my case I need it to get familiar with Django, a web development framework unavailable under Windows.

Later, when I was in Vienna, I had little hope to find anything usable at all, but when I was on my way to the supermarket, I saw this doorway.

What caught my attention was the globe of the lamp in the corner, and having only the Sigma 28/1.8 mounted and with me, I asked myself how to best capture the scene. It must be an unusual view, I thought …

The Song of the Day is “Standing In The Doorway” by Bob Dylan. It’s originally from the 1997 album “Time Out of Mind”, and in 2003 it was featured in the film “Masked And Anonymous”. Hear the original version and see the version from the movie, both on youTube. If you see only one, choose the latter. There is hilarious dialogue in it as well 🙂

2 thoughts on “1032 – Standing In The Doorway”

  1. The light is perfect.
    The blue matches always incredibly good with this kind of yellow. It does even come back in the blue door itself. 🙂
    You did a good job, standing in the doorway. 🙂

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