1025 – No Way Pedro

Quick! Two images of yesterday, and then I’m off to work 🙂

I like street corners, and yesterday I found out, that I like them even more, when I take the image from the other corner across. This could be a series. I had contemplated such a series once, but then I wanted to use the ultra-wide or even the fisheye. Interesting as well, but here I like the calm view of the 28.

As regards the Image of the Day, this is a crossing that has been closed for car traffic for weeks, and now they have closed it in this direction for the tramway as well. In the other direction there is no fence, but by car you can’t drive across either. Still, regardless of all the stop signs, beginning from the crossing before, you won’t believe how many drivers ignore that and try to get through, only to have to turn around 🙂

The Song of the Day is “No Way Pedro” from Van Morrison’s 2000 album “You Win Again”. No way to find the original, but YouTube has a cover version that’s quite to the spirit.