1024 – Sitting On A Fence II

Sunday again. I’m on the train, and this time the image is already up on SmugMug, with only the writing left to do.

Today I set out for swimming, but leaving at 4:30pm was too late. I drove around a little for an image, and this is what I ended up with. It’s the Sigma 28/1.8 again, with rather straight processing.

The Song of the Day is once moreSitting On A Fence” from the 1986 Housmartins album “London 0 Hull 4”. See a video on MySpace.

5 thoughts on “1024 – Sitting On A Fence II”

  1. Just a plain, colorful sommer photo. A photo like a good icecream. Simple ingredients, wonderful result.

  2. Thanks. You know, this was one of those desperate short trips to well known places. It always works though 🙂

  3. Two of my favorite photo subjects are fences and daisies, so this had a head start with me. I very much enjoy the various types of processing you show (you tempt me to try those plug-ins), but the simplicity of this is perfect for the subject and says summer so perfectly.

  4. Hallo auf London!
    (Am I correct? Sorry for my bad German!)

    The photographs are stunning and also abstract!

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