1023 – In Summer

It was extremely hot yesterday. We had intended to go to Salzburg to visit Michael, but thankfully I remembered that at this time school holidays in southern Germany start, and that means hours of delay due to traffic jams in front of the two big tunnels on the highway that crosses the Alps.

We used the time for shopping and then for a short trip down top Italy, just across the border, near Tarvisio, where we wanted to drive up to Santuario Monte Lussari.

There is a church on a mountain with a spectacular view. According to our street map, a road goes up there, coming from the Saisera valley. Fact is, there may be a road, but neither did we find it, nor (if it exists at all) is it open to the public. The first image was taken near the end of the valley.

The other image, the Image of the Day, was taken much later. We had returned from Italy and driven straight to our lake for swimming. After we left, the sun was not yet down, but beginning to vanish in clouds and haze in the west. I stopped at a meadow full of flowers and took a series of images, trying to capture that feeling of a summer evening. While I had used the Tokina 11-16 in Italy, this image was made with the new Sigma 28/1.8.

The Song of the Day is “In Summer” from Jon Hendricks’ 1990 album “Freddie Freeloader”. See him perform it live in 1986 on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1023 – In Summer”

  1. Andres:

    I just love the great tones and the strong highlights and darks that sculpt the mountain. Also the golden fields provide a complementary colour to the cool blue tones of the mountain.

    This image is worthy of a large print and should be saleable.


  2. Thanks Niels. The tones were brought to you by Topaz Adjust.

    That's a very versatile plugin, offering many predefined local contrast enhancements. This one is called "Dramatic" 🙂

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