993 – One Of These Mornings – You Gonna Rise Up Singing

Yesterday was not my most productive day. When I got out in the afternoon, it was not much more than driving to the lake for some swimming, and to a restaurant because I was hungry.

Anyway. I still had a bracketed image of the sunrise, thus I was not too worried. The view is, as so often, from my study, and processing-wise this image was rather complicated. I used two differently mapped images from Photomatix, lots of adjustments in Photoshop, some Snap Art and a little blur to top. Oh well, I like it đŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is still Gershwin. I didn’t want to use the title “Summertime”, maybe we get a little more high summer this year, but the lines are of course from “Summertime“. The version, that we hear today, is not even sung, and it’s one of the more unusual recordings of this song. It’s from the 1968 Ten Years After live album “Undead”. There is even a video, albeit of very bad quality, on YouTube, but in fact it’s so bad, I’d really urge you to go to Deezer for the album.

3 thoughts on “993 – One Of These Mornings – You Gonna Rise Up Singing”

  1. Wonderful sunrise! Love the dust and the orange field on the left! Have a nice weekend…

  2. Well, easy for me to say, but it was worth all that processing. What a beautiful sunrise picture. I want to study how you managed to make this feel just the way a sunrise photograph should look, yet make it unique. I especially like the way the light around the sun shimmers.

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