1022 – Past In Present

It’s Friday again, I sit on the train to Carinthia, half the distance is past and I have two images for you.

The first, this image of the car on the street, well, I really like its composition. I think it’s very dynamic.

To tell the truth, this is very much a random image. I took it in the morning while crossing the street, with the camera dangling from my hand. Thus: no compositional effort, no nothing. On the other hand, it was no accident either. I do this from time to time, to make images while walking. It is not concealment what I want, no, it is that kind of random element that sometimes bears interesting results.

The Image of the Day was taken near the train station. The whole area is a construction site now and will be so for the next years, while a completely new central train station is built.

Straight from reality the image did not work, because the red arrow pointed out of the image. Thus I flipped the image horizontally, and then the posters again. Much better now 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Past In Present” from Feist’s 2007 album “The Reminder”. See a video on Dailymotion.

3 thoughts on “1022 – Past In Present”

  1. 🙂 I too often shoot "fome the hip" as I call it. I do it because I love to see what eventuates. Sometimes it works beautifully as it did for you in this instance and sometimes not but the results I find, are always fun.

  2. Flipping around, turning it back again… I'm surprised that you didn't loose your orientation completely 😉 But the endresult is certainly convincing! Not only because of the different pieces working together, I also really like those warm, brown colors.

  3. The colors are what Topaz Adjust did in its filter "Spicify". I often use that below a softening filter like a blur or Alien Skin's "Snap Art". It compensates perfectly for the overlaid softness.

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