1020 – Shine

OK, so now we know it for sure: the Sigma 28/1.8 has nine blades and they are not rounded 🙂

This does not impact its bokeh though, not in any way. That’s a gorgeous lens, and I am always amazed that Sigma seems to be the only lens manufacturer that puts such a strong emphasis on minimum focus distance.

Why this is important? Well, it may not be important for everybody, but for me it is. A short focusing distance is the most important factor for getting shallow depth of field, far more important than focal length and maximum aperture.

The other two images for today show some graffiti, and the first of them is again a two-halves composition.

I guess I’ve used Topaz Adjust in all four images, at least in the “rough” parts, and of course in the Image of the Day Alien Skin Snap Art was involved as well.

Well, that’s it for today. The Song of the Day is “Shine” from Cyndi Lauper’s 2005 album “The Body Acoustic”.

See a video on YouTube.