1019 – Both Sides Now

One more post tonight, this time with the images of today.

The first image is just one more example of how wonderful this new Sigma 28/1.8 performs in the macro range. This is an image straight from the camera, I couldn’t have added anything in post-processing.

The other image, the Image of the Day, is one more from that series of compositions consisting of two halves. I find myself trying that very often now. I can’t really tell what fascinates me and makes me do it, but fascination it certainly is. There’ll be more of that.

The Song of the Day is “Both Sides Now“, originally from the 1969 Joni Mitchell album “Clouds”, but I have it on the 2000 release “Both Sides Now”, an album that I actually bought for the songs “Stormy Weather” and “I Wish I Were In Love Again”. See her 2000 live performance on YouTube.

One thought on “1019 – Both Sides Now”

  1. I like your parted pictures. I remember the one with the bike around the corner, interesting in itself since it made me curios. That picture had three parts, the left, the right and the part behind. 🙂 Anyway, the parted ones are interesting to me since they make my eyes and mind ask what's going on, I get problems with near sight and long sight focusing, and so on. After a while I start to look at the parts individually, trying to make them one in my mind instead.

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