1008 – Morning Glory

It’s already Sunday and I’m so much behind. Sorry for that, I ran pretty out of time. That’s for quiet weekends 🙂

This image was taken Friday morning on my way to work. I actually thought all the time I would take another image, one of the current mirror series, but when it turned out worse than expected, I instead found that I really like this one for a certain quietude in it and for its composition in general.

The Song of the Day is “Morning Glory” from the 1967 Blood, Sweat & Tears debut album “Child Is Father to the Man”. Hear it on Deezer.

3 thoughts on “1008 – Morning Glory”

  1. Yes, I agree … a certain peacefulness and tranquility. A quiet street on a sunny day. I also enjoy the paint-stroke like quality it has. Reminds me of Norman Rockwell. Peace

  2. Well, these painting effects are nice and they work well to cover up all sorts of problems in your images 🙂 🙂

  3. In my mind, there is a cafe across the street and I can sit there for some time, drinking in the scene. I may be there quite a while.

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