988 – Standing On Old Grounds

Today the mixed weather continued, but I really can’t complain. Although we had our more than fair share of rain, there are no floodwaters in Carinthia, while the rest of Austria suffers badly. Some towns and villages north of the Alps and in the east of Austria are completely under water.

Again I used a short period of sunshine to drive down to the lake for some swimming. On my way there, I took a little detour into the area where I’ve lived for the last 20 years. When you know that it will rain again in short time and you need an image, it’s always a good idea to be on well known territory.

Post-processing was again done with the help of Topaz Adjust and Snap Art. This time I have used Adjust selectively by applying a mask. It really worked wonders on the brightest clouds.

The Song of the Day is “Standing On Old Grounds” from Clarence Bucaro’s latest album “‘Til Spring”. I only have the sound sample on Amazon’s site, but here’s quite a long video with Clarence being interviewed and performing three songs from the album.