987 – It’s A Green Dream II

Weather is changing rapidly at the moment. I used a short period of sunshine, to go swimming and make some images. This is another experiment with the new plugins: Topaz Adjust and Snap Art. It is clear now that I will buy both. I still have to look into the other Topaz plugins, Clean and Simplify may be useful in some situations.

I always use these effects in separate layers, combine different effects from the same or different filters, and use varying opacities, sometimes dependent on tonal value (Blend-If sliders) and masks. You see, I’m pretty much afraid of using canned effects and producing generic looks 🙂

The Song of the Day is again “It’s A Green Dream” from Paolo Conte’s 2000 album “Razmataz”. This time I have a video for you. Love this song!

One thought on “987 – It’s A Green Dream II”

  1. Wonderful effects! The bridge looks like elves were already leaving, so romantically! Sunny greetings

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