979 – Sunset

Yesterday it was extremely hot in Vienna and I went swimming. It turned out to be an excellent idea, because today weather was rainy and at least in Vienna it’s supposed to stay that way. At the moment I am on the train to Carinthia, there it’s still sunny, with at least some chances for a sunny weekend. If not, we could always make a trip to Italy.

This week I recognized that I had ripped no more than 50% of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive” so far, and so I added another 20 CDs, thus I have 104 of 168 discs done now.

The Song of the Day, “Sunset” by jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt, is on one of them, it’s from disc 99.

You may probably prefer to buy a single CD instead of 168 (though you miss the bargain of your life). If so, “Sonny Stitt/Bud Powell/J.J. Johnson” is for you. It has exactly the same version of the song and Deezer has the whole album for you to hear.