977 – Profoundly Blue

This was not my day. You know that feeling? Running in circles? Well, I certainly did at work, and all I had at the end of the day, was a profound knowledge of why some approaches to my problem are dead ends 🙂

Anyway. I did not take too many images either. Weather was mediocre in the morning, far from inspiring in the afternoon, and apart from that, time was short. All I’ve got is this slightly penile object with a profoundly blue base 🙂

Oh, and the sticker reads “Kunst”, which is the German word for “art”.

The Song of the Day is “Profoundly Blue” by jazz clarinetist and band leader Edmond Hall. I have it on disc 31 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, but of course you can get it on a single CD as well. If you love Jazz though, you should really consider this big box, regardless of its not unsubstantial price. You get 168 CDs and I guarantee, you’ll learn a lot 🙂

Deezer has the Song for you to hear.

2 thoughts on “977 – Profoundly Blue”

  1. Really well spotted.

    And my congratulations to your two! books. I do admire your stamina, I was really fighting already with one. So for today commuting reading is already secured.

  2. The Tokina worked so well here. Vibrant with great perspective. So simple and yet wonderfully enjoyable! Peace 🙂

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