972 – La dernière minute

I took this image literally in the last minute before the sun vanished and left this landscape in deep shadow, with only the remote peak of the mountain Mittagskogel as a tiny, light speck in an 11mm image. And just as yesterday, I write these words now literally in the last minute before shutting down the computer and heading off to Italy.

The Song of the Day is “La dernière minute” from Carla Bruni’s 2003 album “Quelqu’un M’a Dit”. See her live on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “972 – La dernière minute”

  1. Hi Andreas,

    I really love "The Last Minute". I love the light (of course!), I love the colors and how they play together and I love the layers of this image from the golden grasses in the bottom of the image all the way to the lovely clouds spreading out across the sky in the top. What a beautiful landscape!!

  2. What a wonderful summerfield in this last minute, reminds me on some landscapes of my childhood… Have a nice weekend, Andreas!

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