971 – The Last Menu

Crisis? What crisis? Or do I have one? Fact is, that this lens does not inspire me at all. Not on normal, bright early summer days.

I can really blame it on the long minimum focusing distance. While I can do magic things with the Sigma 20/1.8, a much longer lens, everything that I do with this Tokina 11-16/2.8 comes out boring. It’s not that I want to sell it, but I wouldn’t recommend it either. At least not to someone who shares my lust for exotic lenses 🙂

Again: this is a good lens. In fact it’s a marvelous lens. It is only that it currently bores me to death.

At the moment I am on the train to Carinthia, tomorrow I’ll have to work a little in the apartment, but then I’ll be on a short two-day trip to Italy. I will stay for a night in a hotel by the sea. Let’s have a look at how the Tokina performs in a more traditional landscape environment. We’ll see.

Oh, by the way, I’m writing this on the new laptop and it’s positively a pleasure. And the probably coolest effect is: I’m finally down to a single backpack, my trusty Lowepro Rover Plus AW. It’s pretty full, and when it’s full, it’s heavy, even with the new Vaio, but on the other hand, I am carrying a DSLR with five lenses, a laptop with power supply, a wash bag, a book and an umbrella. This may have some weight 🙂

In any case, not having to carry a separate laptop bag any more, that’s fantastic!

The Song of the Day is “The Last Time” from the 1986 Eurythmics album “Revenge”. See a live video on YouTube.

One thought on “971 – The Last Menu”

  1. This post looks absolutely wonderful, even if that picture was made with the Tokina, must be the new laptop. 🙂

    My first thought was that you carry quite a few lenses. On a second thought I realised I carry around four, nether of them being particularly light. Well, yes, the Lensbaby is.

    Have a great day in Italy!

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