969 – Walk On By II

I can’t say that I particularly like this image, but it is the only even remotely usable that I’ve got for yesterday, thus I’d better be tolerant 🙂

Well, it’s a little generic, at least I can’t say that it touches me at all. What I like though, is the post-processing. Black and white is so incredibly forgiving in these high-contrast situations where you have to re-map tones wildly. There are a lot of small, local tonal adjustments in it, and the result quite pleases me. Technically that is. Oh well!

The Song of the Day is “Walk On By“, this time not by Cake as in “188 – Walk on By“, this time it’s Diana Krall on her new Bossa Nova inspired album “Quiet Nights”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “969 – Walk On By II”

  1. Hm, I could say I like it;-) The two withered flowers seem to have a last view into the world around, yes, I like it:-) Sunny greetings

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