966 – Honey Don’t

Hmm … this new Tokina 11-16/2.8 is probably not the lens that I supposed it to be. Not at all.

This lens is a low light indoor lens, maybe a low light street lens, certainly a fine landscape lens, but it is not the versatile lens that the Sigma 10-20 was. It won’t play all the tricks. Seems like I have not the intention to get rid of the Sigma. Let me explain:

I already mentioned the two problems that this lens has: one is the very limited range on the “long” end, the other is the minimum focusing distance of 30cm, and the combination of these two things really makes it impossible to use it in the same way that I could use the Sigma.

Thus I have now a new ultra-wide lens, but it is of a completely different type. I will find the type of images that I will want to make with it, but so far I have real trouble. I constantly try to do things that this lens can’t do. The so familiar “small item as big foreground” pattern simply does not work, or at least not so well.

The Song of the Day is “Honey Don’t” from the 1964 album “Beatles For Sale”. Hear it on YouTube.