963 – Sugar Baby

It’s done. I almost would have given up for today, but now it’s done. “Urban Dreams II” is up on SoFoBoMo.org and on Issuu.com.

I finished it one minute after midnight, thus the date in the introduction says Wednesday, June 3.

This time it took me seven hours. Again I spent most of the time writing the captions, actually the technical data. There must be something more tedious, but – believe me – at the moment I can’t imagine anything worse đŸ™‚

Contrary to last year’s process, this year I have not even tried to bind the images together by a common visual style. Instead I took them just as they had been published here on this blog, with only two exceptions: I have added some saturation to the Image of the Day in “957 – Remix!!“, and today’s Image of the Day had a real problem with moirĂ©.

While the print raster behaves fine on this web page, there were ugly moiré patterns in the PDF. I had to make a separate version for the book, that instead of sharpening even had a blurred layer. It mostly fixed the problem for the PDF, but on Issuu, the page still looks ugly. I hope it will look OK in print.

Apropos print. Today Blurb have released version 2.0 of their bookmaking software BookSmart. According to the press release they have greatly improved their workflow, but sadly they still can’t simply import from PDF. You still have to make the detour through Photoshop. I am not sure if this is very clever, but they may have their reasons.

The Song of the Day is “Sugar Baby” from the 2001 Bob Dylan album “Love and Theft”. See him perform on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “963 – Sugar Baby”

  1. Congratulations on completing your SoFoBoMo project. I have quickly scanned your book but will return and spend much more time–very interesting.

  2. A had a fast look-through your book and it looks marvellous. Really nice layout too, I liked that you had used the blog titles as image captions, or was it the other way around..? Anyway, the caption numbers probably puzzles one or two readers who are not acquainted with your blog – in a positive manner, let's hope. đŸ™‚ If not, the images speaks by them self. Really nice work, there.

  3. Hi Andreas – Congrats on finishing. I have to admit that growing up in a city has helped me appreciate the lens you use to give us this story. It will make a great print book. Thanks

  4. Congrats from me too! It looks great and there are a few fotos within I absolutely love! sunny greetings

  5. Fabulous, Andreas. Worthy of another exhibition!

    I love the way the theme developed, and how that's enhanced by the sequential presentation.


    P.S. The care you took to include technical info was well worth the time, I think, for this audience of photographers.

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