962 – Let It Grow

I didn’t shoot anything usable today, so here is another city-meets-sky shot from the list of my “Urban Dreams II” candidates.

Actually I didn’t do anything today but making the test book, “Urban Dreams I”, which is now up on Issuu.com. I’m writing this, having just arrived back to Vienna. It’s 2am now, thus I’d better go to sleep.

Tomorrow I’ll return early from work and begin making the final book. According to today’s experience, it should be possible to get the whole thing done in less than six hours. Let’s see if this book is any different.

The Song of the Day is “Let It Grow” from the 1974 Eric Clapton album “461 Ocean Boulevard”.

The video on YouTube has been flagged, thus you’ll have to click to acknowledge that it could be unsuitable for minors. Why? Well, the video has been made up of a sequence of album covers, probably pretty much everything that Clapton has ever participated in, and there is also a cover from the “Blind Faith” album, showing a pubescent girl holding a chrome model of what I would identify as an airplane, but what some people seemingly like to see as a penis. Just google “Blind Faith”, click on “Images” and see for yourself. Oh well. I guess that is what in future will be blocked as child pornography 🙂

4 thoughts on “962 – Let It Grow”

  1. That picture pretty much captures my urban dream, I life in a central apartment way up from the street level, with a huge, green terrace where I can cultivate my gardening side of me. That’s something that constantly amazes me, how often the urban dream includes elements from the countryside.

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