960 – Selling That Stuff

No, this is not a SoFoBoMo image ๐Ÿ™‚

We were in Hermagor today. Hermagor, a small town in Carinthia’s south-western valley Gailtal, is the heart of Carinthis’s bacon production, and every year there is a Bacon Festival. We ate Frigga, the traditional lumberjack meal made of bacon, cheese, onions and potatoes, served with polenta or bread.

I made only a few images, well knowing that I wouldn’t have the time to process them anyway. Still, when I saw this seller of knife sharpeners, I could not resist. He sold a sharpener, I got an image ๐Ÿ™‚

This is one of those images that are very easy to process in B&W and without extensive background treatment hard to do in color. I had the Nikon 24/2.8 mounted, thus no chance to work with shallow DOF, and of course it is also impossible to get a clean background with all the crowds around. The dress of the woman was brightly red and as distracting as it gets, but the B&W conversion together with some blur nicely took care of that.

The other image is of the parish church in Hermagor. I made some more from the inside, but nothing really convincing.

The Song of the Day is “Selling That Stuff” by McKinney’s Cotton Pickers. I have it on disc 13 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, the 168 CD treasure box that I bought for 99โ‚ฌ. You can still buy it for around that price in Europe, while in the US it sells from $220. Still a nice price for that number of CDs ๐Ÿ™‚

The other possibility is a CD called “McKinney’s Cotton Pickers 1928/1930”, selling from $20 used and $73 new. Ouch! Deezer has that album for you to hear.

Finally you can download this song (and supposedly many others) for free from the audio archive of the Internet Archive. You can hear it there as well.

2 thoughts on “960 – Selling That Stuff”

  1. “No, this is not a SoFoBoMo image :)”

    It’s not?! I thought sure it would be, for the surreal combination of knife and hat and his look toward the next “victim”. A nightmare. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a few days ago I realized there are no people in my book, which would have added another dimension. Next time!

  2. And there are almost none in mine. I am no people photographer. I’m not good at that because I hardly do it. You can’t get good at something without doing it. And why don’t I do it?

    Because it’s a hassle. You have to jump through loops if you ask them and they can sue you if you don’t. I absolutely adore what Craig does, but that is different from how I work, and more important, from how my attention works. I see people, I see them do things, they get my attention through completely spontaneous actions. You can’t repeat that. So far I was never interested in portraits, I was always interested in situations. They may happen or not, but if they do, the moment when I want to photograph the person, is always before I have had the chance to ask, and when I ask, they can’t repeat what they did anyway. And even if they could, we would not stand in the same configuration, especially in respect to our environment. The light, the shadows, the lines, the passersby, all that would be different.

    I am not a people photographer yet. They don’t interest me enough. That my change, but for now there are other things that hold my attention.

    On the other hand, Ted, among all his strands of genius, is a good people photographer, and he gets better and better at it. But then, they certainly interest him ยด:)

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