957 – Remix!!

It’s Thursday morning, these are yesterday’s images.

No, I’ve made no SoFoBoMo bookmaking progress, I wanted to, but I went to sleep early (just for a nap, just for one and a half hours, just …) and woke up at 6am. That’s not so bad though. The layout is basically done, what I now need is a balanced choice of images.

The poster for my original “Urban Dreams” exhibition last year showed this image, and in a way its composition, basically a landscape format with two halves, was an inspiration for this year’s whole effort.

I already have some of those images, yesterday’s is an example, but I found that I need more of them. They represent the dual nature of the dream concept: not what people in the city dream to have or to be, rather my own visual dreams of the city. This is an aspect that is important to me.

On the other hand, when I selected those anchors, images that undeniably need to go into the book, there was no bicycle among them. This could well mean that I leave the bicycles for Ted’s bicycle book 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Maria Maria (Wyclef Remix)” from the 2003 album “Ceremony – Remixes & Rarities” by Carlos Santana. See the video on YouTube.

And now I’m off to work 🙂

One thought on “957 – Remix!!”

  1. Brilliant as always. The two-sided format is a great one for telling stories by contrast and comparison. In some of these, it’s almost like a tone-poem connected juxtaposed with a strong graphic. Very enjoyable.

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