955 – Pink On White Walls

So far I’m quite satisfied with my SoFoBoMo progress. Yesterday on the train from Vienna and then at home, I created an InDesign template.

Basically I do three things now: First there is work on the template. All layout changes are made exclusively in the template of an empty book. Actual images and text will be filled in at the very last moment. This way it will be extremely easy to come up with the next book.

The next book, you ask? Yes, of course. I owe Ted Byrne a bicycle book and I can hardly create a book called “Urban Dreams II” without there being a book “Urban Dreams I”, can I?

Whatever. It can’t be wrong to have a template ready.

The second thing is that I use the still unfinished template and put some images in. Then I create a PDF and look at it. See how it feels when I turn pages. See if I can find a flow. There is also some progress in that department.

Finally I still shoot and process images. Today was a wonderful, sunny day, I made some images in the morning and some after work, five of them are shown here, at least one or two more were possible, but I’m pretty exhausted now. It’s in the middle of the night.

I really should go to sleep, instead I’m sitting here and try to fill blank spaces 🙂

But, really, bookmaking, at least in this SoFoBoMo way is a funny thing, and certainly when you, like me, have a very loosely defined project. The book is a constantly moving target. Every day brings new images, every image has the potential to be a new anchor in the book. Panta rei. I like that.

As far as I can see, I’ll pretty much use the whole 31 days. Even now, three weeks into the project, I can’t really say how the final book will look like. And I like that as well 🙂

All of today’s images were shot with the Nikon 70-300 VR, most of the time at 300mm. A marvelous lens that is.

The Song of the Day is “Pink On White Walls” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road”. I could not find a video, but Deezer has the album.