951 – When the Sun Comes Out II

I’ve promised you a sunrise, well, that’s a sunrise 🙂

This V shape is the lowest piece of horizon that I see from my living room window, and twice a year, most probably for one day only, the sun rises exactly there.

It was purely by accident. The sky began to be colored nicely. I took the 70-300, pulled all the way to 300mm, and took some shots of the three trees on the roof garden at the other side of the block. I have done this more than once, but none of the images has ever been particularly good. Neither have these, but as it grew brighter, I watched the spot every once in a while. The next couple of shots was better, having a nicely textured sky, and then …

… and then the sun came out. I made three exposures in short sequence, the whole thing lasted not even a minute. This is the best of the three, with the sun just in the right position.

Today is a public holiday in Austria. I was on a trip out in the country, I made some 70 images, but I haven’t been very inspired, and I actually enjoyed snapping away, relaxed, well knowing that the Image of the Day was already taken, processed and uploaded.

None of the country images could be SoFoBoMo stuff anyway, and after my morning image, everything else would only have been a bonus, thus I leave it at that.

The Song of the Day is the Harold Arlen song “When the Sun Comes Out“. I love the Ella Fitzgerald version from the “Songbook” series, I adore Barbra Streisand’s artistry, but today it is the voice and the soul of Judy Garland. See her on YouTube.

EDIT: Oops! I just found out that I have used this title and this song in Judy Garland’s version already once in 384 – When The Sun Comes Out. Well, tastes rarely change 🙂

2 thoughts on “951 – When the Sun Comes Out II”

  1. Who said that sunrises are an overused sujet, not worth any further photographic effort?

    And having the opportunity to shot such photos directly from your home… that’s a bit unfair to everybody else. 😉

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