948 – Hit The Road To Dreamland

I’m back to Vienna and back with some candidates for “Urban Dreams“, my SoFoBoMo book.

I have some more from yesterday, but I guess I’d rather post this now than falling behind again on the first day of the week 🙂

All these images were made with the Nikon 70-300 VR in the afternoon. In the morning I have shot as well, some 30 images, with a remarkably low yield of one single image, but in the afternoon all was well 🙂

Today’s mannequin image and 829 – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion were both shot in front of the same shop in Siebensterngasse.

The two bicycle images are actually the same bicycle. I liked this kind of lurking behind the corner. It feels very childish to me and in a very positive way.

I have grown up in an old house in Klagenfurt, a big, old house with shabby, yellow walls, and warm, yellow walls baking in the sun, in my mind that has always been associated with comfort and childhood.

And then there is the Image of the Day. This is totally a product of this long lens. The perspective compression has created a room that does not exist in reality.

OK, I’ll have to stop now. It’s Tuesday morning, the sun is bright and already high in the sky, the birds are chirping outside, some rain has fallen in the night, but now it looks like a wonderful day. Let’s see what I can get.

The Song of the Day is Johnny Mercer’s “Hit The Road To Dreamland” from the 2006 Dr. John album “Mercernary”. YouTube has it for you.

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  1. I must say that I also like your playful ‘behind the corner lurking bicycle’. I also like the warmth (both visually and in subject) you have in most pictures you present on the blog.

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