May 172009

Friday was another meager day. It only rained a little, not nearly as bad as Thursday, but it still forced me to use an umbrella.

Other than that, Friday marks the end of the first half of my SoFoBoMo effort.

I had two working weeks of shooting in Vienna, ten days, 63 processed images so far, almost twice as much as I need, some candidates are left to choose from, in case that I need a certain color or subject, and of course I won’t suddenly stop now, but I may ramp shooting down to the usual blogging level. This will save me a lot of time that would otherwise go into processing.

The Image of the Day shows a window hook in my stairwell in Vienna, thus the Song of the Day is “Leave It Open” from Kate Bush’s 1982 album “The Dreaming”. Hear it on YouTube.

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