944 – Uhhh, Well …. Honk!

Well, some days are better than others, some are not. I barely found anything usable for rainy Thursday, this is the lone contender and at 24mm the only “wide” SoFoBoMo image so far.

I had made three remarkably bland shots of this blue scooter in front of the equally blue “Honk”, only a slightly rotated square crop could save me a half-decent way out.

The Song of the Day is “Country Honk” from the 1969 Rolling Stones album “Let It Bleed”. This is the country version of the probably more familiar “Honky Tonk Women”. YouTube has a slightly different recording, still country but without the fiddle, and Deezer has the whole thing for you.

This is one of those half a dozen classic Stones albums, I guess you really have to hate them in order to not like it 🙂