940 – Sunny Sunday

It’s Monday midnight by now, this is another non-SoFoBoMo image. I shot it yesterday morning when I left the apartment for the local bakery. Seconds before, I had fought the impulse to leave the camera at home. After all, why should you take your camera with you when you only want to buy some bread? Well, that’s why 🙂

The rest of the day and the following night was the editing marathon that led to 938 – Imagine.

It’s interesting. I have a finite capacity to edit images. Last night I managed ten images in three hours, but in more complicated cases, editing a single image can take an hour or more.

For me, editing the images is really what brings them to life. There is only one of my SoFoBoMo images so far, that has not been edited, and that is only because I was too tired and the image from the camera was acceptable.

I always find it strange, when people set their pride in not “manipulating” images. Well, I do, and I happily and openly do so. It’s part of the creative process. It is tedious at times (and last night it was definitely so), but I really enjoy working in Photoshop. I wouldn’t want to miss it. The only problem is, that it takes so much time. But, on the other hand, so did optimizing a print in the darkroom. It’s only that most of us didn’t do that.

The Song of the Day is “Sunny Sunday” from Joni Mitchell’s 1994 album “Turbulent Indigo”. The video on YouTube has been deleted (sorry WMG, for trying to advertise your product), Deezer does not have the album, I have to refer you to Amazon’s sound sample.

3 thoughts on “940 – Sunny Sunday”

  1. Hallo Andreas,

    ich finde es schlecht, dass man jetzt auf Deinem Blog die Links zu anderen Leuten wie Byrne etc nicht mehr findet.



  2. Yikes! I’ve only begun to sort and select for SoFoBoMo; your post made me realize — it’s going to take at least 35 hours just to process them all! That’s if I work really, really fast…

    Like you, I enjoy processing just as much as the capture. That’s when I discover more clearly what drew my attention, and hope to convey.

  3. Hello Andreas-
    great post on editing. Editing can be directional, it can be validating a moment of clarity or certainly a point of discovery – whatever, it IS a wonderful part of the process. Taking pride in skipping a potentially wonderful part of the process seems unfortunate.

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