933 – A Train Took Me Away From Here

On Sunday, the last day of my week in Carinthia, I felt a little bit exhausted from the two consecutive trips to Ljubljana and Salzburg.

I simply stayed at home, enjoyed a nice afternoon sleeping on the balcony, a golden evening view from my study, and at 8pm I was on the train back to Vienna.

The title is obviously a line from Tom Waits’ ballad “Train Song”.

We had it in “133 – Working Mode” sung by the master himself, in “798 – Train Song” in a wonderful rendition by one of my favorite singers of all time, the great Holly Cole, and this time it is the string version from the Spring String Quartet’s 2002 album “Train Songs”.

I couldn’t find a video, Deezer lists the album but does not play it, thus we are reduced to Amazon’s samples. Sorry. Still a great album 🙂