921 – Baby I’m A Fool

I promised you more of yesterday’s images, and here is a whole bunch of them:

Well, sometimes I think I should simply break the rules and call it SoFoBoMo, regardless of date. All these images, yesterday’s and today’s were shot with the Sigma 70/2.8, a stellar lens if there ever was one. This will be my SoFoBoMo lens. This is the lens that makes all the difference, the lens that is still wide enough for everyday use, and at the same time long enough to give me a very selective view on the world.

Actually I can’t really tell what it is that makes this lens so special. There must be something similar to the way we see. It is often said that this is true for the 50mm lens on FX format cameras, something between 30 and 35mm on DX. In a way that may be correct, but at least for me there is a way of seeing, that is much more restricted, confined to a smaller aspect of reality.

Let me try to put this differently: it’s not about the way we see, i.e. not about physics, it is about the way we focus our attention.

Maybe that’s it. This lens is just wide enough to cover most of the targets of my attention, and then it is a macro as well, giving me one more dimension to dive into, and that covers the cases when the ordinary views are just that: ordinary.

For no particular resaon, the Song of the Day is “Baby I’m A Fool” from Melody Gardot’s new album “My One and Only Thrill”. Amazon.co.uk has sent it yesterday, I should receive it tomorrow. Just hear the song at YouTube and you’ll know why I make a fuzz about this. I absolutely LOVE it!!

3 thoughts on “921 – Baby I’m A Fool”

  1. Baby, what a lovely song *dadidada*. Love this beautiful flowers!
    Oh, what a lens *dadidada* 😉 Sunny greetings

  2. You seems to have a thing for bicycles as well. 🙂 The picture with the lock wire or what it might be is really well composed with all the intersecting geometric forms. And the bokeh…wonderful. Nice lens, this one.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your finished product. I will be struggling with a problematic tele-extender as I want to have a “Tunnel Vision” feel for my SoFoBoMo book.

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