918 – Sitting On Top Of The World

Saturday was a particularly beautiful day in Carinthia. In fact it was much more beautiful than the weather report had predicted.

We drove down to Klagenfurt to find some furniture for the balcony. The idea was to enter the new IKEA shop, choose from the infinite variety, buy a table and four chairs, and probably ask my father to deliver the goods with his big car.

Well, the variety was finite, we got nothing at all, IKEA is a fine place for all kinds of furniture, but garden furniture is not their forte.

We took country roads down to Klagenfurt, I made some images with the 70/2.8, some like this B&W landscape with the Nikon 35/1.8, and finally, when we ended up dining on to of Magdalensberg, a mountain of 1050 meters with a church, an inn and a panorama to die for, I made some images with the fisheye.

The Nikon 10.5/2.8 fisheye is a remarkably good lens. It has substantial lateral CA (the type that you can easily correct), but that’s about all. It is sharp and it is very forgiving when you shoot directly into the sun.

Magdalensberg has a long history. In pre-roman times it was a celtic village, the Romans later had a little town up there, not directly on top but maybe 100 meters below. Later the church secured the old place for christianity.

The Song of the Day is “Sitting On Top Of The World” from the final Cream studio album “Wheels of Fire”. See the old guys performing live at a 2005 revival concert.