908 – At The Break Of Day

Just before I got this incredibly light, wonderfully cheap and fantastically performing Nikon 35/1.8, just before I got it – some of you may remember – I made some experiments with the fisheye and a Photoshop plugin called Fisheye-Hemiā„¢.

Well, I’ve returned to this.

Actually I love both of today’s images. I have struggled, I have torn my hair (there’s some left, but still …), I have kept thinking and wondering, and in the end the Song of the Day has made the Image – the distinct morning atmosphere won over the semi-B&W. In the end they are both artificial, they are both made and not taken, it is only that with the bicycle image it is more obvious.

These images were shot in the morning. I leave home early now, it’s just too beautiful to have time to spend photographing and still be early at work.

Searching for a Song of the Day I tried some Leonard Cohen songs. I don’t know why, the titles did not fit, but when at the beginning of “Anthem” I heard him say “The birds they sang at the break of day“, I knew this would be it.

Yes, this is pathos, yes, this is sentimental, but Dear is this beautiful! I have several versions of this song. Today we will stick to what Leonard Cohen currently does in his concerts. You can hear it on the new double CD “Live in London”, and the video that I’d like to show you, is from the end of his concert at Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire, England. Enjoy.