907 – I See My Great Mistake

Oh dear, see my mistake? The rules say you must keep your shadow out of the image, and what did I? A minute I let my attention slip and somehow it must have sneaked into the image 🙂

Wow, how I love this early summer weather that has come over us, just a week after the last snow fell in Villach!

Vienna is always about two weeks ahead of Carinthia, at least in spring, and here the trees are already budding, people go in summer clothes, the days are long again and color has come back into the world.

Today my color is yellow. A warm yellow, and that’s just how I feel. I have used the Nikon 24/2.8 today, I wanted it a little “wider” 🙂

I really like to use it, although it is not a good lens by today’s standards. Sure, it’s sharp, no problem with that, CA is there but not a problem either, bokeh is nothing to write home about, but it is not worse than with the average zoom, no, the problem are the reflections.

Boy, if you even remotely have the sun in your frame (or at night any strong light), you get a strong reflection from the sensor to the inside of the lens, and then as a strong emerald ghost back to the sensor. Eeek! Well, it’s not really a problem on DX format, because you can easily shade it off with your hand without causing vignetting, but I guess on FX format it must be painful.

This is something that typically occurs with old lens designs stemming from film days. Film was much less reflective than those silver sensors, and therefore the problem did not exist. Today’s lenses use a special anti-reflective coating on the inside, but my Nikon 24/2.8 was made sometime in the early 1990s. Oh well, no real problem, just a reason to be careful, and I just stop complaining. Who would, on a day like this 🙂

The Song of the Day is “I See My Great Mistake” by Memphis Slim. I have it on that wonderful 169 CD collection “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”. Sorry, no video, but Deezer has the song.

3 thoughts on “907 – I See My Great Mistake”

  1. I like “mistakes” and this is fun…. well seen and well done..cool colors too as always…you are the color man!!!

  2. Nice and warm – simply enjoyable. Speaking of that: the simple, clear composition of the main shot is great! Yeah, the shadow… But I guess there’s a flaw in every photo, huh? 😉

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