902 – April After All

April may be the cruellest month, but is it really necessary that every song about April is about rain?

Yes, I know, now that winter is over, we want our summer and we want it instantly, but, remember, it’s a dangerous thing to wish for the time to pass quickly 🙂

But really, while searching for a song, I noticed that rain seems to be the governing theme. Deep Purple’s masterpiece “April” is about gray skies that should be blue, and the song that I finally decided to use, “April After All” from the Anne Sofie von Otter / Elvis Costello collaboration “For The Stars”, tries to comfort us with the vision of a passing April leading into May and June.

It’s still a beautiful song. Hear for yourself on YouTube.

Anyway. This April definitely starts out fine. My firefighter work on that project is over, work gets enjoyable again, it’s warm and sunny, and the days are long again. Today I even managed to squeeze in a short deviation to the back waters of river Danube. What can I say? It was a pleasure 🙂

Out of a whim I decided to use the Nikon 24/2.8, and all color images were made using a polarizer. Makes a big difference in the Image of the Day and an even bigger difference with the swan.

The Image of the Day should really be this one, at least it is the only one that rises above the level of vacation snaps, but, you know, I really wanted to show off some different colors, some change of mood. Hope you enjoy it.

What’s your view of April? Actually, now that I think of it, this is incredibly dependent on location. On the southern hemisphere, April corresponds to our October, near the equator it may make not much difference (does it?) and in some of the hotter countries on the northern hemisphere it may be the most pleasurable time of the year. But, what do I know? Tell me about it: What does April mean for you?

6 thoughts on “902 – April After All”

  1. Normally I don´t like Aprils, no Birthdays:-) But this year I deal with feeling deeper into the months I don´t like and try to find a new perspective on it. So April brings spring and many eggs:-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. April? Mhh…something like “the times are a changin’…”! Somtimes a joy, sometimes plain ugly. Let’s see how it develops this year. Your photos certainly promise a lot!

  3. April for me means beautiful blossom shortlived due to wind and showers; and pale pink magnolia trees in bloom now remind me of the stillborn daughter I lost eight years ago on Monday. Our neigbour opposite had a magnolia in full bloom at the time, though they have since replaced their front garden with total tarmac. Its not too sad though, I have 2 other beautiful children :0)

  4. April – it is autumn in reverse: less snow, sometimes even no snow, mud, all the time longer days, lots of sun. And perhaps first flowers if we are lucky. Most of all, it is waiting for May.

  5. I especially like the shadows on the stairs…very nice….. almost abstract but not. LOVE IT

  6. Waiting for May. That’s interesting. Hmm … this winter was the first in years that I really enjoyed, and this year was the first time that I enjoyed walking through Vienna, photographing in pouring rain. This April …

    Time is very precious. And it runs out. Eventually.

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