897 – My Country

Today was mostly a shopping and doing-things-that-need-to-be-bone day, but I found some time for photographing. This image was taken east of Klagenfurt. It was the only part of Carinthia where it did not rain.

Villach is just in the direction where we look, approximately below the darkest cloud 🙂

Wayside shrines are frequently seen in the alpine region, but Carinthia is especially famous for its big number of them. This one is of a rare kind though: it is similar to those seen in western France. Instead of being built from bricks, like a small tower, it is hewn from stone. I believe there are not more than maybe ten of them among the (I hope to remember right) about 700 in Carinthia.

The Song of the Day is “My Country” from Randy Newman’s stellar 1999 album “Bad Love”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “897 – My Country”

  1. I like both the overall careful composition and the little details which make the image. For example, how the “rambling” fence doubles on itself. Spring seems to be advancing in strides…

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