893 – Pink Thing

In case nobody noticed, since Saturday it’s officially spring now. Quite unfittingly it grew cold as well, but we live by calendars, and just as every year at that time, the city is decorated with flowers.

I caught these yesterday on my way from work. Sundown is much later now, there’s light again in the afternoons, and apart from the temperatures it really begins to feel like spring is coming.

The second image, the bicycle light, is actually the better image and really would have deserved being Image of the Day, but somehow I really thought we need some colors. Sorry for that 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Pink Thing” from the 1989 XTC album “Oranges & Lemons”. I found it on YouTube in the middle of a video about phallic symbolism in everyday things. It’s actually quite amusing, but the rapid succession of images tires me.

Anyway. The song begins at around 3:25.