891 – The Winter it is Past

I didn’t want to go out today. Well, I did, but only for shopping. In Austria shops in tourist centers are allowed to open on Sundays, and actully that’s a blessing. I arrived from Vienna yesterday night, and now, while I’m writing, I’m on the train back again. Time in Carinthia was sparse and I could not muster the energy for a photo shooting outside.

Instead I wrote yesterday’s blog entry, dozed a little in the sun, lying on a camping bed on the balcony, and in general tried to relax.

The Image of the Day is once more the view from the window in the study, facing east at about 5:30pm. I took a whole series of images while the clouds rapidly changed. This one was the best. It actually looked quite nice in color, but after I had given it my current standard B&W treatment, I decided to keep it at that.

The Song of the Day is Robert Burns’ poem “The Winter it is Past“, sung by Eddi Reader on her 2003 album “Eddi Reader Sings The Songs Of Robert Burns”. There is a new edition with seven bonus tracks, celebrating this year’s 250th birthday of Robert Burns, and I’ll link to that instead of the original album that I have. See a video of Eddi performing live in Glasgow. Quality could be better, but you’ll get the idea.