890 – In A City Of Monsters And Heroes And Men

This must be a time of weird titles. Yesterday’s “Nessun Dorma” for a bicycle, today’s …

… but does it not look like a superhero, like Clark Kent about to shed his clothes, revealing Superman beneath? “No fear, I’m coming!”

Yesterday I had to work. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and I really enjoyed going to work. Sure, you don’t need sunlight for good photography, frequently the harsh contrasts are more of an annoyance, but it is incredible what a little sun can do to your soul.

When I thought to conclude my review of the Nikon AF-S DX 35/1.4G with “887 – Southern Sunset“, I said that I’d spare you the brick wall. Well, not really 🙂

Actually it is not so uncommon that you need an image free of distortions. Take this garage door with the graffiti. There are no vertical lines, but the horizontals don’t look good at all when they are bent. On the left you see the original from the camera, on the right the corrected version.

I finally downloaded the latest version of PTLens. It already supports this lens, and here it makes all the difference.

I have linked the left image to the full-size original, so you can download it and try it for yourself. I strongly believe that PTLens does such a good job, that you won’t be able to spot any image deterioration. Whatever else you do in Photoshop will have much more impact on quality, I’d really recommend software distortion control. It saves you a lot of money on lenses (if you’re able to get perfect lenses at all), and it is painless to apply whenever you need it.

The Song of the Day is “Of Monsters And Heroes And Men” from the new James album “Hey Ma”. YouTube has a live video.