882 – Relaxin’

Fridays are traveling days, they normally don’t offer many choices photography-wise, and this one was no exception. I was extra early on my way to work, but when I went, I got into the currently inescapable rain, lasting just as long as I went. I begin to wonder if it’s really the weather or a habit of mine 🙂

Relaxing, that’s what this bicycle does, and I just found out that I have only two music tracks with “relax” in their title. One is from Edoardo Bennato and I have used it for “192 – Sit Down, Relax!!“, the other is the old Muggsy Spanier signature tune “Relaxin’ At The Touro”. That’s the Song of the Day.

I have it on that great collection of Jazz treasures, “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, that I acquired some years ago for €99. It’s a tad more pricey in the US, and one must not expect much sound quality, but for 168 CDs of everything that was great in Jazz before 1955, this is more than a bargain.