879 – Sunny Afternoon

Hi everybody! These are two images of yesterday, both made with the fisheye, both treated with Fisheye-Hemi™. They will certainly not be the last, but at least for the next days you may see me shift to a very normal angle. The reason is simple: I got my Nikon AF-S 35/1.8G. What a marvelous little lens! But more about that tomorrow.

The first image, a morning image, is somehow crude and unbalanced, but it strikes me as strangely surreal. After all, what is surrealism if not the combination of things that normally don’t go together? I like it and then not. This is a kind of image that I like to keep as a marker in my mind. This is not what I really wanted, but it is a way to go.

The second image was shot in the afternoon. The sun already stood low and cast a warm glow on the Natural History Museum. I had left work early, because I couldn’t wait to get my new lens.

When shooting in such places, it usually does not take too long until some people come along and end up in just the position that you want them to. I spare you the details of processing, it’s just as usual, only that this time I have taken the blur much further into the image, especially on the left side. This has two effects: it softens the harsh contrasts, and it gives the building more of an ethereal glow.

The Song of the Day is “Sunny Afternoon” by The Kinks. I couldn’t believe that I have not used it so far, but it’s true. See a video on YouTube.