876 – ‘Til A Spring Wind Blows Again II

Here we go again. These two images are from yesterday, Saturday, early afternoon. It was a bright, sunny day, I had some business in Klagenfurt, and on my way back to Villach, I passed the highway for some good old country roads.

I had not yet given up on the fisheye, but my hopes for a usable image were low. You know, the fisheye does not particularly lend itself to landscape photography … or so did I think.

Both of these images were shot with the fish, both were converted in DxO Optics Pro, but without the default rectilinear mapping, and then they were run through Fisheye-Hemi™ again. All the other treatment is the same as in the last shots (yes, I’ll be back to color again, don’t worry), but the spectacular thing is really how Fisheye-Hemi turns the fish into a perfectly usable general-purpose landscape lens. Sure, it’s wide, in fact it’s ultra-wide, but that’s the whole point of it, right?

Just look at the trees! They’re straight. That’s what we expect. The landscape, the horizontal lines, they still bend, but that’s completely unimportant especially in a landscape. Nobody could tell how those lines are in reality anyway. All that counts is, that familiar things look familiar, and here that’s what the trees look like.

Sorry for bothering you with that plugin for the second time, but I’m simply thrilled. It’s like having bought a new lens 🙂

It’s another second time for the Song of the Day. Again it’s “‘Til A Spring Wind Blows Again” from Clarence Bucaro’s new album “‘Til Spring”. We had such warm spring winds yesterday, I could not help but being reminded of this song.

The album is finally out now and you may really like it. Check for extensive samples on Clarence’s own page.

5 thoughts on “876 – ‘Til A Spring Wind Blows Again II”

  1. I have really been enjoying the recent images, both the subjects and the color tones.

    I find myself inspired each time I visit your blog.

  2. Hm, that plugin seems to be a good argument for a fisheye. So far those lenses always striked me as too specialised. But with the plugin it might actually be much more versatile than I thought…

  3. Yes, it’s pretty amazing and clumsy at the same time. Having the filter built into the camera, so that I could at least see the result on the LCD, would make things much less indirect and so much easier 🙂

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