Mar 052009

This is finally a shot of last night. Caught up 🙂

Hmm … I can’t say that I’m very inspired lately. I did my best to salvage it in post, threw the nice tint on it that I use lately, added some distorted edges, but a better image to begin with would not have been unwelcome 🙂

This looks like a good time to change lenses, to search for some radically new way of seeing. Actually I am waiting for Nikon’s new 35/1.8 DX to become available. Nikon Rumors has it, that it’s already available in Finland, but for today I’ll try my luck with the fish 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Reaching For The Moon” from Holly Cole’s 2007 self titled album. Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “873 – Reaching For The Moon”

  1. In the whole the last three pictures tell a story. I love the tone and pre-process. Be curious about your new way of seeing:-) Sunny greets

  2. Wow … how do you get this picture … it’s edited or not???

  3. Oh yes, heavily edited 🙂

    683 – Welcome To The Republic" explains how I get these lines. The rest is a B&W conversion, a gradient map, some blur, some noise added to a mid-gray layer in overlay mode, some blur around the edges, some … you get the idea 🙂

  4. ummm … if you need to find a good home for your Sigma 20 or your Nikky 24 … well … I know a lonely D80 looking for friends ;D

  5. They very much appreciate the offer, but they really have a good time in my bag 🙂

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