871 – Down, Down, Down

Monday. Weather in Vienna was – and still is – rather uninspiring. That’s always a good time for some B&W architecture shots. You may recognize the tint, it’s the same tri-tone as in “867 – The Perfect Couple“.

I left work early and went down to Mariahilfer Straße, one of the most important shopping streets in Vienna and at the same time the border between the 6th and the 7th district. For those of you who don’t know Vienna, I should note that the 7th district is on top of a hill and the 6th is where the hill falls down to a small river. The difference in height is not dramatic, maybe 50 meters, but it is enough that you see stairways all along this line south of Mariahilfer Straße.

One of the more elaborate stairways is at the beginning of the street, going down to Rahlgasse.

I stood there for quite some time and shot a series of images, always in search for a single person on the stairs, in a dynamic place and pose. I got nothing spectacular, but these are the two shots that remained.

The Song of the Day is “Down, Down, Down” from Tom Waits’ 1983 album “Swordfishtrombones”. See a strange video on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “871 – Down, Down, Down”

  1. These Vienna photos make me want to visit again. What a great city. Your treatment of the city is very good too.

  2. Yes, stairways. Vienna has some nice ones. It’s not Paris, but it would make for a nice SoFoBoMo topic.

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