868 – Every Time It Rains

Really got to get this entry out of the door. It’s already Sunday morning and this is from Friday πŸ™‚

I got more or less accustomed to the almost daily rain/snow/gloom that we had in Vienna during the last two or so weeks, but it does slow me down. So, every time it rains, I hope to catch a short pause for my way home, in order to not have to shoot from under my umbrella, which is rather awkward when I carry a bag from shopping or for the weekend.

Friday morning I got nothing, but then in the afternoon, on my short walk to the Underground, I was lucky: There had been sun the hour before, new clouds were brewing, but it did not yet rain. I took some shots at a crossing, using cars as foreground, more or less inspired by Mark Hobson’s “urban ku # 192 ~ hiding in plain sight“. I ended up with two usable shots, one with the silver car in the foreground and the couple with child, the other with the rest of the image. Combined in Photoshop, this was about what I had looked for.

Booo, a composite, you say? Well, this is all a matter of time. Stand at a crossing for long enough, and you’ll get any configuration that you may want. It may be more “pure”, but once you know what you are looking for, it’s only a matter of clicking away. No more thought, no more creativity involved. A monkey could do that. Under the given circumstances of not having a monkey, having to catch a train and seeing the clouds, I opted for the composite πŸ™‚

Twenty Minutes later, when I sat on the train to Carinthia, rain poured down and I was happily compositing.

The Song of the Day is “Every Time It Rains” from Randy Newman’s 1999 album “Bad Love”. Hear the whole album on Deezer or a not-so-bad cover on YouTube. And what a wonderful song this is!

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  1. Ha, no Post for the 28th?? Dont wanna wait a year, itΒ΄s not so long ago. EMBRACING you and swirl you around. Happy, happy …. may all your dreams come true this year!!

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