862 – Dear Old Battlefield

Carinthia had blazing sun all through the week – until yesterday. Well, you can’t have it all the time.

I made a short trip to the east shore of another one of Carinthia’s bigger lakes, Ossiacher See. This is a place where you can forget about where you actually are. No traces of touristic infrastructure, you could be everywhere, and there was even some sun 🙂

Of the two images that I have uploaded, the shot against the sun reminded me of a battlefield, and when I asked for a second opinion, I was presented with “a lost battle of the American Indians” – thus the title.

The Song of the Day is “Dear Old Battlefield” from the 1971 Incredible String Band album “Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air”. This is one of their rarer albums, but the ISB are generally hard to get. In the meantime I believe I have almost all their albums, with only one of their late Island releases missing. Amazon lists “Liquid Acrobat” for a premium of $48.98. Ouch! It’s really good though. Head over to Deezer, where you can hear the whole album.