861 – On the Streets I Ran

Oh dear, six images shot today, two attempts at one subject (both came to nothing) and four in this place. Not much to choose from 🙂

Anyway. This is a place where I’ve tried my luck many times before. In fact, I like this place. It has a wild curve, there are people, so why shouldn’t there be thousands of opportunities?

Well, there never were. Normally, on my way to work, when I reach the place, I am already in a hurry. The other problem is, the traffic. It’s hard to take an image from this perspective, without getting crossing cars into the frame. This time I was lucky though. Just as I framed the shot, I saw the young man approaching. I made three shots of him and the second was pretty perfect. Not quite the perfection of HCB’s shot, but well, who would complain 🙂

Finding a Song of the Day took me some time, but “On the Streets I Ran” from Morrissey’s 2006 album “Ringleader of the Tormentors” is not such a bad match.

4 thoughts on “861 – On the Streets I Ran”

  1. Hi Andreas, I have to say that this train lines are perfect to photography! At the last one I commented on Fine art photography they worked very very well, and here again!!! I really like the way they conduct to the subject!

    I don`t know if you can read, but thinking you could understand by translating it (Google has one translator…) I think I would recommend this. (She`s a friend of mine, and posted her reading habits…) continuing your post about books!

    Sorry about recommend you this post this way, but when i read this, i remembered your post about books, and i don`t know another way to contact you!

  2. Interesting. Google’s translator renders some points pretty oblique, but in general I got it. It’s not perfect, but we’ve come a long way from the early days of AltaVista’s Babelfish. Thanks.

  3. The curves do work here excellently! Together with the tilt you really transport the impression of hurriedness.

  4. I really like your sepia treatment here. It really takes the photograph to the next level. Keep the good ones coming.

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