859 – Cold

As I said this morning, not much has changed. We still have snowfall, it still does not amount to much, but at least the cold has put an end to the slush on the streets.

It’s hard to choose an Image of the Day today. Initially I was sure I would go with this one of a young man crossing the street, obviously feeling uncomfortable in this weather. From a compositional point of view one could argue that I have cropped a little too tight from the right side, but I actually like that for two reasons: First, being close against the frame makes him look even more uncomfortable, and second, his position strongly emphasizes the implied movement along his line of sight, a line that roughly meets with the tracks on the left edge of the frame.

The other candidate, a snowed-in pavilion in a park is interesting for mainly what it contains. I’m afraid you can’t really see it even at the size that you get when you click the thumbnail, but there are blankets on the benches inside the pavilion. It looks like homeless people have slept there, and that must be one of the more miserable places to sleep, especially when the snow comes horizontally at you.

I finally settled with an evening image, the bicycles. I was not even sure if I should process it. After all, I had the guy crossing the street, but then I did, and when I let the reins loose, I was pretty satisfied with what I got. Looks somewhat mysterious to me.

The Song of the Day is “Cold” from Annie Lennox’ 1992 solo debut “Diva”. See the video on YouTube. Now tell me that this does not begin with a reference to Vivaldi’s winter 🙂

6 thoughts on “859 – Cold”

  1. You say “somewhat mysterious” and I say “downright spooky.” I’m really liking this one.

    And as far as the tight crop on the young man, I think it looks great. I’m a big fan of extremes when it comes to positioning subjects, so that one was right up my alley. Plus, like you said, it’s entirely logical given his movement and his gaze.

  2. And it is that mysterious emerald green that deepens the image. Your metallic colors are uniquely wonderful Andreas. Someday you need to zoom in and do one of your tutorials just on them.

  3. Spooky? Yeah, also daring, with that snow under the front wheel…

    Illumination and blur work perfectly together.

  4. Yeah, that emerald flare. The AF 24/2.8 tends to have them pretty badly when you have a strong light source within the frame. Normally I would have taken it out, but here it perfectly complements the green frame of the bicycle, and it helps to balance as well.

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