858 – More Winter

We had five centimeters of liquid snow in the morning, then falling temperatures and ice in the evening. Seems like it’s going on, and I suppose I like the cold version better πŸ™‚

I write this in the morning, and as I’m looking out of the window, I see it’s snowing again. Guess what you’ll see tomorrow πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I am beginning to experience computer crashes again. I think the culprit may be my oldest hard drive, the one with my music collection. I have deactivated it for the moment and have to do without music. No problem, I have it all in Carinthia and at work, nothing is lost.

It’s bad timing though. I have planned to buy a 2TB disk as soon as it is available, but that seems to take some more weeks. Some shops here in Vienna list the new Western Digital 2TB “Green” disk as available from next week. We’ll see. Normally that only means “not now” and it may take some more weeks.

Anyway. I’ll wait, then change the 1TB image disk for the new 2TB, the 1TB becomes the music and spare disk, and the old 500GB disk gets replaced. At least that’s the plan. Now let’s hope that the crashes stop, or else the plan would need reconsideration πŸ™‚

Music-wise I’d like to stay with Vivaldi’s “Winter”, but this time we look at the complete opposite to yesterday’s Nigel Kennedy: Herbert von Karajan and Anne Sophie Mutter. No, it’s not fashionable, no, it’s not on period instruments, but, boy does this recording sing! In a way it’s the technical culmination of the pre-“period instrument” age, and it’s certainly perfect. Hear “Winter” again on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “858 – More Winter”

  1. Beautiful tones and I love how the tire tracks fill the foreground wonderfully in this image. What a peaceful place to come in the morning … your blog I mean! πŸ˜€

  2. we have more winter too but at last we are seeing some more blue sky…. saw our first robins sooo spring is on the way here…I THINK!

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