857 – Winter

In retrospective, I can only sing praise to the weather in Carinthia!

It’s winter again here in Vienna. We had snow and strong wind all day, and when I went home from work, it was hard to shoot at all, with the flakes coming horizontally for me and my lens 🙂

Post-processing these images was challenging, and I’ve spent much too much time with them. As always, the challenge was, to get local contrast into the snow. Not particularly easy with the overall harsh global contrasts.

As for the Song of the Day, I was tempted to make this “What A Waste II”, but let’s try something different. Vivaldi. The “Allegro non molto” of his “Winter” concert, the last of the “Four Seasons”.

I love Vivaldi, I currently have twelve different recordings of the “Quattro Stagioni” (and I may well leave it at that), and the one for today, Nigel Kennedy’s interpretation, is one of the more unusual. In fact, it’s not really Vivaldi at all. It’s Kennedy. His ego dominates the recording completely,
but that is not necessarily a bad thing. In any case, the shrill harshness of his “Winter” perfectly complements our weather 🙂

See him perform on YouTube.

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